HRSG Login: Check Employee Details

HRSG Login is a new web portal where you can access your employee data. It provides you with a lot of information with just a few clicks. HRSG developed decibel  –  A comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which provides a wide range of flexibility, customization analyses, report management, and decision-making solutions.

It is a platform for managers where they can process all the job data, payroll, job postings, promotions, and raises. By using this service you can update the employee information, update, change payroll, add new employees and manage strategic issues.

HRSG Login Online Salary Slip

You can generate a salary slip after login into the HRSG web portal. The application is very easy to use and a very useful tool for generating online salary slips.

You can manage the following information by using the DECIBEL (An Intranet Application).

  • View your pay stubs and tax working
  • See how many annual, casual and sick leaves you have left
  • See your salary history
  • Access employee handbook and download forms
  • Review your benefits and dependent information
  • View your attendance log
HRSG Login: Check Employee Details

HRSG Decibel Login

HRSG Decibel is a web-based application that runs using a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox.

By accessing the portal you can check the employee personal data, payroll, taxation, and vacation information and as well as update the various information. Follow the steps to login into the official HRSG website.

  1. Open any web browser from your desktop.
  2. Type into the browser address near and hit enter.
  3. If the address does not work then you can directly visit hrsg intranet webpage.
  4. After login, you can click on “Favorites” from the browser tool option so you can easily access it anytime.
  5. Now type your User ID (This is your official email address such as and enter the Password. If you are login for the first time then your start-up Password is your CNIC number.
  6. Click on the “Sign in” button.

Change Password

If this is your first-ever log-in to DECIBEL, it is highly recommended that you change your password.

If you are first-time login then it is important to change your password and set a strong password to secure your account. Follow the steps for changing the password.

  • On the right side of the dashboard within the account management option, Click on Change Password.
  • Now enter your current password into the “Enter Old Password” field and press the Tab key.
  • In the second field that is labeled “Enter New Password” write your strong but easy-to-remember password.
  • Similarly re-enter the same password into the Confirm New Password field.
  • Click on submit button to complete the process.
  • Now return back to your dashboard and click on My Dashboard from the menu tab.

Note: Your password change and you can use the system but make sure to Logout after completing all of the tasks. You can do that from the upper left-hand corner of the panel.

Intranet HRSG Password Recovery 

If you forget the intranet HRSG password then you can easily recover it by using the web portal. Follow the steps for password recovery.

  • Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ option on the login page of Decibel (see below).
  • Enter the requisite information as per the prescribed format on the Password Recovery Window. Below is the content guide:
  • CNIC: Fifteen (15) digit number for user identification.
  • Email: Your official email address. (Please leave this field blank if the email address is not provided to you by the Company).
  • Cell No: Eleven (11) digit cell number. Click on ‘Recover Password’ to retrieve your existing password.
  • Your password will be sent to your cell phone number and/or email address, where the information provided will match the data stored in the system database.
  • Select the ‘Back to log in’ Page to access your account

HRSG Outsourcing Employee Login

HRSG developed an online resource center where the outsourcing employee can log in and manage their account.

HRSG Outsourcing Employee Login
  • Go to the Outsourcing Login page
  • Enter your Email address which will be your employee ID in the User ID field.
  • In the password field, put your account password.
  • Next, select the language that you are comfortable with using the portal.
  • Now hit the Sign in button to login into the dashboard.

If you don’t have login details then you should contact your line manager, supervisor, or HR service delivery specialty at HRSG.

Note: The Decibel system is optimized for Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers.

HRSG Salary Check

The system provides you a way to check the last six months pay slips, income tax calculations, and deductions for applicable assessment years. you can also check the salary revision from the day of joining.

  • From the dashboard, click on My Pay Slip which is located under My Payroll.
  • It will ask you to enter a pin code for security reasons. Just enter your PIN COde and click on login.
  • Now all the pay slips list will appear and you need to select the month in which you want to view the salary slip.
  • Your pay slip would be displayed on the same page.
  • To print the slip just click on the print icon that appears above the pay slip.
  • Similar to checking the salary slip for any other month, you can select from the list or you can return back to your Dashboard by clicking on My Dashbaord.


In this article, we explain how you can log in to the HRSG panel to manage your account such as salary slips. You can print and download your slip and checkout payroll.

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